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Workshops demolished

Large workshops demolished on eastern perimeter bringing light for the first time in decades to back gardens of Talbot Road.

Construction Method Statement submitted to Richmond Council

Construction Method Statement submitted to Richmond Council containing details of demolition and construction methods. A small number of residents received a consultation letter from the Council to enable them to put their views forward.

To object, approve or comment:

Lock-up garages on eastern perimeter demolished

Developer inspects boundary wall as there is damage behind No 47 Talbot Road. He says that this wall will be dealt with before construction starts and suggests replacing with timber fence with residents approval. Residents will not approve replacing a 2 metre high brick wall which has stood for over 100 years with a timber fence.

Demolition begins

The metal staircase from the Office block is ripped away from the wall; the windows are taken out from the first floor and the Coal Shed (which was Andrew Brown’s workshop) is demolished. As this building is part of the development, Cathy Cooper contacts the council and later speak to the developer who assures her that the building will be restored but they just need to gain access to large warehouse. Timber is piled up and huge bonfires lit causing angry letters to the council from nearby residents.









Businesses move out

Most of the small businesses moved out including Proper Oils and Andrew Brown’s carpentry workshop.
Also to move out was musician, composer and producer, Bruce Woolley whose rehearsal rooms known as the Factory had been going strong on the site for over 30 years.



New autobiography ‘At All Events’ available now!

Ex-Talbot Road resident Rose Mortleman has written a witty and charming book about her childhood in Twickenham in the 1930s. Anyone familiar with the area north of Twickenham Green will find her account of characters and places fascinating. It is interesting to read about the strong community spirit that existed then especially during WWII. Click here for more information or to order a copy.